LG Innotek to feature total solution for future cars in CES 2023

2022-12-23 20:42:01 By : Ms. Coco Yang

LG Innotek announced that it will launch the first open booth at the 'Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023' and reveal new products related to electric components of electric vehicles and autonomous driving cars in mass.

LG Innotek had participated in CES in the form of private exhibition that only invited clients to introduce products. It is the first time to participate in the exhibition for the public by running a booth. High Power Bms

LG Innotek to feature total solution for future cars in CES 2023

Through this CES exhibition, LG Innotek is planning to secure its position in the global market as the 'total solution provider for future cars' including electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous driving cars.

At 'CES 2023', LG Innotek is planning to present new products related to electric vehicles and self-driving cars where the next-generation innovation technology is applied.

Electric components for autonomous driving whose demands are expected to soar along with the improvement in self-driving levels, including the camera for an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), in-cabin camera and radar, sensor fusion solution, LiDAR solution, and 5G-WiFi combo module that optimized stability in the vehicle and smartphone connection.

Moreover, core components for EVs including the DC-DC converter for EVs and electric vehicle communication controller (EVCC) for charging EVs comprise a significant portion of this exhibition. Especially, LG Innotek's wireless battery management system (Wireless BMS), independently developed for lightening of electric components, are unveiled at CES for the first time.

Metaverse-related new products developed by LG Innotek based on high-performance optical component technology, including the 3D sensing module and display assembly that is necessary for realization of extended reality (XR) are also the watchpoints.

LG Innotek puts weight on exhibiting substrate products for semiconductors

In addition to substrates for the antenna in package (AiP) and radio frequency system in package (RF-SiP), which are evaluated as the required component for 5G communication, the flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) that announced its new entry at the beginning of this year is also introduced in this CES. It is expected that CES will play a key role in capturing new client companies.

LG Innotek to feature total solution for future cars in CES 2023

12 Volt Bms Module It is also worth paying attention to eco-friendly energy power solutions such as the solar hybrid inverter, DC-DC converter for the energy storage system (ESS), and power products for EVs. Eco-friendliness can be practiced in daily life immediately with these products, which reflects LG Innotek's company philosophy of seeking an 'innovation that not only makes the world anew but benefits it.'